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Timothy Frank

Community Events

Peters Canyon --7:00 AM
5-26-18 12:00 pm - Orange Hill Restaurant
Afoot & Fit in Peters Canyon / Walks > Hikes > Trail Runs

COME HIKE--WALK--RUN the trails! NEW SUMMER TIME of 7:00 AM TIME! :) ****rise & shine!**** WHERE WE MEET: Look for a group at the END/cul-de-sac of "Peters Canyon Rd." (where Peters Canyon Rd. dead ends at and intersects Silverado Terrace off...

Let's have coffee and talk Travel
5-26-18 12:00 pm - Orange Hill Restaurant
Women Travel Abroad Orange County

Hello All, We can't wait to meet all of you and talk to other passionate travelers. Remember to keep your RSVP's updated for all events. This meetup is to accommodate folks that can't make it to our weekday meetings. Let's have a coffee or any...

Saturday Champagne Brunch In The Hills!
5-26-18 12:00 pm - Orange Hill Restaurant
Fun Time SoCal

Good Evening, The month of May is going to be a pretty busy one for me, so I wasn't quite sure when I'd be able to do another meet-up. But the one thing I do not want to do is get so distracted in work, etc. that I fail to plan for these meet-ups...

Welcome to my new web site

August 12th, 2013 by Timothy Frank

Please have a look around, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if I can be of assistance.